Point of Man Update IV

Wow, its October. Sorry for the radio silence. A lot has been going on.  Last week, Fabric passed 13,000 sold on Amazon bringing total sales over 15,000. Unbelievable – because Fabric  is just an eBook. There is no print version, or advertising, or anything. That is all due to you, the faithful reader. I can’t thank you all enough.

Well, back to point,  my mild mannered alter-ego got sucked into a number of new deals and time has been short. I have missed a couple of deadlines, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pounding away. Point of Man is now in ACT III, around 60K words. It has been re-worked a bit. I’ve found that is the hardest part of the process. A change in chapter 35 ripples all the way back to chapter 1. Then, I get stuck rewriting that chapter. Case in point, one of the new characters is a thief. It was originally written as a man. I think it would  be much cooler if the character is a woman, so I switched it. You’ll be able to figure it out when you read Point. Editor has the final hatchet, but needless to say, it took some time re-doing it. So here it is, I think my goal is to get final draft out by Thanksgiving. 8 weeks to get 100K words off to the editor before I slip into my annual turkey coma. It’s doable.

Thanks for stopping by,

PW Abbenhaus

Point of Man Update, III

Hi Everyone,

Well it is the day after Christmas (Happy Boxing Day to my friends up North) in the middle of the U.S. We are left in the cardboard and wrapping paper apocalypse here. We have watched A Christmas Story and A Christmas Carol about 43 times, which is OK as both are wonderful examples of timeless writing. Did you know, Dickens published A Christmas Carol in 1843, a 170 years ago?  It is still relevant today – class struggle, inequality, man’s real purpose…The $7 version is ranked in the top 4,300 at Amazon. Now, that’s a story. I wonder who the royalties go to?

Anyway, as I recover from my carb coma, the one goal I have is to get PoM finished. I am really happy with where it is going. The new characters are fascinating, the existing characters (Julie Peterson included) continue to evolve, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. There is just not enough time in the day. Remember, I don’t have a team of agents, publishers, and editors. I’m just a guy who is doing this in addition to fifty thousand other things.

The good news is I have targeted 1-15-14 for the first half of PoM’s editorial review. That’s a big deal. My editor will see the first half of the book. My thought is she is going to shred it with a razor sharp red pen while smashing it with plot hole asphalt (plot hole asphalt – that is pretty good for this early). So there it is, thanks for hanging in there with me. I think you will really like the next chapter of this tale.



Point of Man – update II

Hi everybody,

First off, thanks for all the reviews. Fabric now has over 110 with an average 4.2/5.0 on Amazon. That usually doesn’t happen to a nobody eBook author. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Whenever I hit a bad writing stretch, I spend some time reading the reviews for motivation. I am truly flattered that people take time out of their day to post reviews.

Second, my ultimate goal is to write full time. I have dozens of stories (“of Man” series and more) rattling around in the clutter of my brain’s back seat, but alas, I don’t have enough time to squeeze them all out. I have two other manuscripts with 20K words invested in them that are on hold while I finish up Point of Man. Work, kids, travel, Discovery Channel, blah, blah, blah…all conspire to keep me off the keyboard. So, I have a favor to ask. Tell a friend about Point of Man, and then another friend, then your reading group, then the milkman, and then pretty much anyone you determine that can read. It is fairly evident that my writing career will begin with a grass roots campaign. With your help, I am not that far away.

Third, I had a brief flirtation with a real live agent recently. While she took a pass, it was somewhat encouraging. Perhaps there is mainstream hope for me after all. I think there is a story that Dan Brown’s first two books sold less than10K hardback copies each. Then, there was that one he wrote about Da Vinci that sold a couple of copies.

Fourth, OK, time for us to have an honest discussion. I hate to admit it, but by my estimate, I am three months behind on Point of Man.  I was hoping to have the first draft done by August. That isn’t going to happen (see post #2 for my lame excuses). Even my editor yelled at me last week. Sorry. The story and plots are going great, it just takes time.  I got a great analogy awhile back from a very successful best-selling author. Writing a great manuscript is like making a sword. The metal has to be folded, reforged, and hammered over and over to get all the impurities out. Then, once the metal is perfect, the sword has to be sharpened, over and over and over. It is a long process. I am still folding metal, but I am not far from the sharpening stage. So, I just grabbed my hammer and am back to the forge…

Again, thanks to everyone for your support. I can’t do it without you,



Point of Man – Update

Geez, sorry I have not posted for quite some time. My mild-mannered alter ego, who is the director of a specialty research shop focused on China (an excellent secret identity), has been monopolizing an inordinate amount of my time. However, this is critical function as it provides income for all of life’s finer things, like a house and food. My good friend Bank of America appreciates my writing efforts but still strongly advises me to keep my day job. They cheerfully send me monthly encouragements requesting money.

Now that being said, Point of Man’s rough draft is about 50% complete. I am very happy with how it is progressing. I do need to stop killing people off though. Pope Bastion has the child. Gabe has had a terrible loss. Mize is out of jail and mucking things up. Dolan is doing, well, what Dolan does best, sending people to the next stage of existence. I have advised Dolan that there are decaffeinated coffee brands he should look into. I do know that there will now be a third book as well, unless I want this one to be about 1,000 pages, which I don’t. Already have the title – Cross of Man – and the plot line.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to embark on this journey with me. I truly appreciate it.



Wait, what just happened?

I am a pretty simple guy. I go to work, dispense pearls of wisdom on my kids, procrastinate important tasks, and fall asleep watching Adult Swim just like everybody else. Yesterday, something jolted my relatively mundane lifestyle. So I wrote this book, Fabric of Man. I can’t really explained why. It just happened. Put the book on Amazon a year ago and the world yawned. Last August, at the advice of some close friends, I changed things around, some on-line marketing, new book cover, and promoted it a bit. I even sent out some query letters. You know, all the things that real authors do.

To my amazement, people noticed the book. Fabric has been in the top 100 of techno thrillers since August 2012. It bounces around in the 10,000 to 15,000 range of all books sold on Amazon. Not too bad for a nobody author. Then, yesterday happened. I was actually writing a piece on retail sales growth in China (that’s what people pay me to do) and apparently Amazon’s sales tracking software fell apart. Fabric sold more on January 15th, than the last ten days combined. It jumped into the top 10 of all techno-thrillers, nestled in between B.V. Larson and Jack Silkstone. Hold on, those guys are real authors. I’m just a guy. Remarkably, Fabric hit the top 2,000 of all books sold on Amazon. Huh? I have no idea why this happened. I can’t even get an agent to take the time to send me a pithy rejection email.

So, while I wait for Amazon to send me an apology email explaining that someone else’s sales results were inadvertently posted to my account, I will enjoy my time in the sun.

Stupid Mayans

Well it would seem the World didn’t end today, which I must say puts a torpedo in my apocalypse hedging strategy.  So, thanks to the crackpot Mayans, I will need to immediately address:

  1. The stack of bills I have been accumulating. I hope those nice bill collectors are understanding. Bank of America seems to have a sense of humor. I read their 10-Q’s.
  2. Christmas shopping for the family. T -72 hour mark, no problem. Has Amazon developed quantum-state delivery yet?
  3. Groceries – I guess we will now need to keep eating, even though we face the grim reality of a post-twinke civilization.

If that isn’t bad enough, I will also need to work through the long-range plans I didn’t plan on needing.

  1. Kid’s college tuition – I keep telling them that Judge Smails from Caddyshack had it right – “The world needs ditch diggers, Danny.”
  2. Retirement planning – I will have to renew practicing for my post-retirement job – “Welcome to WalMart, would you like to open a checking account today or buy live bait?”
  3. Senior-age Health Care – Pretty sure I won’t need it. My kids seem to have started really caring as I go up and down the steps. I appreciate the way they jostle and push me for encouragement. Maybe they did hear #1.

So there it is, thanks to the Mayan’s awful grasp on planetary destruction, my life just got significantly more depressing. Last time I listen to an extinct society.