They should read my book….

Great story today from the ABC & the Guardian about the Shroud. It is going to be on TV.–abc-news-topstories.html

If only they had an evil scientist, or maybe they do…

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4 thoughts on “They should read my book….

  1. Wow! I am comming out on Amazon next week. Survived self Pub. Folks (me included) didnt know I could write. My book has an appendix on the shroud based the the work of Mark Antonacci.Want to talk?

    • Hi Paul,

      Nice to hear from you. Great work getting your book out. Now get ready for the nerve racking and frustrating part – will people like it? :)
      What is it called? I will check it out.


      • You Bet Your Life-
        A tool bok for making Lifes Ultimate Decision.
        under philosophy of religion.
        Appendix 1. puts forth our image and dating hypothysis which we have demonstrated in a research reactor and C14 dating lab. We are now developing tests to find isotopes frome a neutron event. We need a bigger cloth sample or a blood speck.
        http://www.resurrectionof the

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